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Summer is my favorite season. I love the longer days, the chance to be outdoors, long warm nights with friends, and of course, the clothing. It felt like July just flew by and with August in full bloom, I’m already anticipating the end of summer.

When I saw this post on Free People’s blog, it inspired me to think about what I want to do before the leaves start turning colors.

In two weeks, I will be going to Oaxaca again (read about my trip last year here). It’s the first time my brother and I will travel internationally together to visit my mom who is already there doing the same language program I did last year. I can’t wait to celebrate my mom’s birthday in Mexico, catch up with dear friends, and see some new sights I missed last time.

With that said, here is my Summer (or what’s left of it) Bucket List:

  1. Go treasure hunting in Oaxaca (food, art, decor, clothing) (Completed 8/2012)
  2. Revamp a Mexican embroidered dress (Inspiration from Free People below). I haven’t decided weather I want to try and do it myself or take it to a tailor.
  3. Check out more exhibits in Oaxaca (Teatro Mecedonio de AlcalaEthnobotanical GardensEl Tule Tree). (Complete 8/2012)
  4. Get a massage, take some yoga classes since Oaxaca has so many affordable spas.
  5. Go salsa dancing! On that note, if I can find my salsa teacher from last year, dance with him!
  6. Go on more adventures in Los Angeles.
  7. Read more outdoors.
  8. Hike! (Competed 8/2012)
  9. Ask my brother to take me rock climbing. (Completed 8/11/12)
  10. Give surfing another chance.

I tried not to get too specific — but it was hard not to make this summer bucket list mostly about my upcoming trip. Is it just me or is it more of a challenge to find the motivation to enjoy your own city!

I’d love to hear what some of the things are on your summer bucket lists…Please share!